The Academy Library is located next to the main PACA reception and is open to students from 11am to 2pm Mon-Fri.

The Academy Library is available to Academy staff and students before, during and after school for:

  • Borrowing and returning books
  • Accessing the Academy computers and network
  • Reading

Students can take out up to four books at a time.

There are also twelve computers that students can use for homework. Students can use the computers after school during the public library hours for homework, but they will not be allowed on the school computers on the weekends, or over any breaks.

Stationery can also be purchased at affordable prices at break and lunch.

All students must complete the Student Membership Form (enclosed in the Home Agreement Form Pack) and return to the Library or their tutor.

Accelerated Reading

PACA believes that reading is crucial for students’ academic success.

Our KS3 Reading Challenge aims to help students improve their reading according to their ability and to show reluctant readers that reading fiction can be enjoyable!

Academy Library Staff

Ms Wheelhouse – Academy Librarian

Student Use

The Academy library is available to Academy staff and students between 11am and 2pm for borrowing and returning books, accessing the Academy network, reading and studying, and purchasing essential stationery items.

All students are welcome on the understanding that it is a ‘quiet area’ and that sensible, considerate behaviour is expected at all times. Lesson behaviour policies regarding eating and drinking and the use of mobile phones and other personal audio items are followed at all times. During lesson times, students must have visible proof of their teacher’s permission to use the library – either a signed note or comment in their planner on the appropriate day.

For information about Brighton and Hove Public Library Services, available to our community members via our dual-use partner, please see Mile Oak Library.

Joining the Library

Students do not have to join the library unless they wish to borrow books or other documents during the Academy Library opening times.

If you do wish to, simply complete and return a PACA student membership form to the librarian. An Academy library account will then be set up, which will be valid for 5 years or until the end of a student’s time at PACA in Year 11, whichever comes first. This membership can be extended on a yearly basis if students stay on to join PACA’s sixth form.

This membership may only be used in this library during the school day and/or while students are in Academy uniform when borrowing a book. If students have forgotten their membership card, they may use their planner or exercise book as ID. Students may not borrow Brighton and Hove Library chargeable items such as DVDs on their Academy membership. Although they may return items borrowed on their Brighton and Hove Public Library card, they may not use it to borrow or reserve items in school time.

Except for some non-fiction items, most books etc are issued for 3 weeks or longer to cover a school holiday period.


If students wish to reserve a particular book using their Academy Library membership, please ask for an orange reservation form at the counter, which they must complete and hand in.

When the book is available, a slip will be sent via the student’s tutor. Students may use these slips to reserve any book at either PACA or Mile Oak Library.

Students may also reserve books through the ReadingCloud. To find out more, please speak to the librarian.

If the item is not available at this library, ask if the librarian has ordered or can order it. Students may use their public library card to reserve books from another Brighton and Hove library.

Fines and Charges

Students must remember to return their books on time as late items incur fines.

Student fines are 10p per item per day. If students do forget, we’ll send a reminder to which they should respond to as soon as possible. If students have overdue items because they have been ill, the library will renew the item and cancel any fines.

Students can also renew their book online through the ReadingCloud. To find out more, please speak to the librarian.

Students will be stopped from borrowing books if they have charges on their account that surpass £1 unless they can make a payment towards their fines.

The library asks students to please take care of all items borrowed on their library card as they are the student’s responsibility. Lost or damaged items have to be paid for so the library advises to keep them away from pets and younger siblings. If students have a drink in their bag, make sure the container does not leak.

Please see the student FAQ leaflet for further details.