New to PACA?

New to PACA?

Moving to a new school is exciting but it is also natural to feel some nervousness.

We will do everything we can to help you feel settled and happy at PACA.

By the time you join PACA we hope you and your family will have been here many times for various activities and the school feels a familiar place. At PACA we recognise that transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time, but can also be a daunting one for both students and their parents alike.

At the end of Year 6 in primary school you will have a chance to come to the academy for tours, talks and activities to help you know what to expect before the summer holiday starts. When you start as a Year 7 student you will be supported by Year 8 transition buddies, and we train up Year 7 students to be buddies of the new students arriving the following year. The transition programme is coordinated by our Head of Year 7, Mr Mike Jones.

There is a handbook for new students and parents that includes useful information like an example timetable, important numbers and contacts, school policies including homework guidelines, and other material. You can access the handbook here, or we can send you a hard copy upon request.

At the beginning of the school year the Academy opens especially just for new students in Year 7 so you have a couple of days to find your way round and settle down before the rest of the students return. Once students start you will no doubt still have some questions so please ask your child’s tutor who will be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

At PACA, we have very high expectations of you in terms of behaviour, uniform, attendance, punctuality and homework, as well as achievement, please check our policies in order to stay up to date with the Academy’s expectations.

The Academy uniform was chosen by our Student Council and is smart, comfortable and practical. Uniform items can be viewed through Sussex Uniforms on their website.

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