School Trips

School Trips

The school runs several trips each academic year ranging from short local outings during a geography lesson, to a PACA 6 trip to Costa Rica and a cricket tour to South Africa.

Every student must return a signed permission slip in order to participate in any school trip.

If a trip extends beyond the school day parents and carers will either be informed of the return time or, on occasion for older students on local trips can sign to give permission for their child can make their own way home.

We try to keep the cost of trips down and parents are asked to pay using the Parent Pay system to simplify payment and prevent larger sums of cash being brought into school.   If a parent or carer is struggling to pay for a trip please let us know as there is a small fund to help make sure all students get access to school trips and visits related to their lessons.

We also want to broaden our students’ experience of other cultures. In the last two years our Sixth Formers have been to Costa Rica on a conservation project and to and help out in an orphanage.  Another group of PACA 6 students went on a Cricket Tour to South Africa, having raised the funds themselves through a variety of events.