Transition Work

Transition Work

We are happy to announce that we are making available a transition resource created in collaboration with Matthew Syed (author of ‘You are Awesome’) and Matthew Burton (author of ‘Go Big’).

The resources are all accessible online HERE and although optional, we think it would be very useful if two particular activities could be completed and returned. 

Session 1 (Slide 18) TASK: Write down what you can learn from your primary school experience, ahead of going to secondary school.

Session 3 (Slide 7) Task: What are your hopes and dreams for secondary school? 

There are nine available sessions together with an editable or printable workbook and additional resources for parents. Please return any completed work to and write “CHILDS NAME transition work” in the subject e.g. MICHAEL JONES transition work.


At PACA, we are always looking for ways to extend our students’ learning. This year, more than ever, we are keen to utilise resources that support our students and help them unlock their potential. We are now using CENTURY – an online learning platform.


What is CENTURY?

CENTURY is an online learning tool for students. It combines artificial intelligence with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience.


The platform identifies every student’s strengths, gaps in knowledge and misconceptions.  Students can log in and complete work that has been suggested for them by the advanced recommendation engine, or work which has been set by teachers.


It allows students to take control of their own learning and for teachers to get real-time data on progress, allowing them to quickly identify which students need support or additional challenge.


Accessing CENTURY

Students are able to access CENTURY at anytime and anywhere. All they need to do is visit and enter their unique login details that have been sent individually to each family


The platform can be accessed from tablets and laptops on up-to-date versions of most common browsers. The best browsers to use are Chrome on PCs and Android devices and Safari on iPads. It is not currently optimised for use on mobile phones.


Diagnostic assessment

To ensure that we are fully aware of your child’s English and maths ability we are asking that all our new students login and complete the Year 6 Transition Diagnostics. This will help us target our teaching based on the most up-to-date and specific information. Once you have logged on, the ‘Recommended path’ will become available and three diagnostic assessments will be visible. 


What does this mean for my child’s personal data?

CENTURY is fully compliant with all relevant data protection legislation, including GDPR and has processes in places to ensure data is secure. Personal information, such as names and dates of birth are authorised to be shared by the school according to the data sharing agreement signed by all parents.


How do I find out more?

If you have any questions about CENTURY, you can visit CENTURY’s website or email CENTURY at


PACA Contact is Rob Zeitlin