United Against Bullying!

United Against Bullying!


As schools all over the country embark on the annual event of Anti-Bullying Week, PACA students and staff will be standing United Against Bullying.

At PACA we understand that bullying is the act of repetitive, intentional hurting towards another person and can happen both face to face and online.

This week, teachers will be recapping the meaning of bullying with their students, discussing the impact bullying has on people's lives and how we can stand together to make a positive change.

Year 7 and 8 students will be invited to add their messages of support and advice to our Anti-Bullying display board to help their fellow students, and our Performing Arts classes will be sharing an 'Odd Socks' dance video at the end of the week - not to be missed!

We are looking forward to celebrating PACA's individuality and unique differences on Friday 20th November by wearing odd socks to school!